About BJJ Lifestyle Brand

BJJ Lifestyle Brand is an Apparel line designed to help our Athletes look good while off the mats. Some call it "Street Wear", you won't see us sell Gi's, Rashguards, No-Gi Shorts, Belts, or anything else used to compete. We stick to having our Athletes look good off the mats.

Next Month's Apparel Design

Each and every month BJJ LifeStyle Brand chooses three different apparel designs so we can change up your wardrobe. Make sure to subscribe to our email list so you can see what is our newest selections. We only pick High Quality aparel for a great price for our subscribers. Below is some of our potential designs.

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Sponsored Athletes

Aaron Gonzalez

Discount Code: Aaron Boy

Academy: CMA and Komainu

1-0 Fight To Win Record

Tim Fagin

Promo Code: Fagin

Blue Belt

Academy: Claudio Franca Santa Cruz

2019 Pans Blue Belt Double Gold Champion

2018 All Stars Double Gold Champion

Christopher Delgado

Promo Code: Delgado

Purple Belt

2019 Pans Purple-Silver Medalist

2018 Masters Blue-Silver Medalist

2018 No-Gi Worlds Blue-Double Silver

Tony Kell

Discount Code: Kell

2019 Pans-Blue 3rd Weight 2nd Open

2019 IBJJF Portland 1st Place

2019 NAGA: 1st NoGi-3rd Absolute-NoGi 2nd-Gi

Harry Chung

Discount Code: Chungamata

2019 NABJJF Purple Belt World Champ-Double Gold

2017 NABJJF Purple Belt World Champ-Gi and No Gi

2015 NABJJF-Blue Belt Double Gold World Champ

Patrick Leiser

Discount Code: Leiser

2019 Pans-Blue Belt Champion

3rd Absolutes

Video Highlights: 


Ryan Carroll

Discount Code: Carroll

Pro MMA Veteran

27-2 boxing

2x EBI CJJ veteran

5x WV state champion,

Fuji, New Breed and NAGA Champion

Jon Townsend

Discount Code: Townsend

Active Duty Army-18 years in Infantryman

Master Combatives Army

Hand to Hand Combat Instructor
Orlando Open 2 place weight class
Atlanta Open 2 place weight class
Atlanta Open 3rd place Open class
All Army Combatives tournament 2nd place

Carlos Palacios

Discount Code: Palacios

Head Instructor-Dania Beach Flowhouse BJJ

Rich Goodwin

Discount Code: Goodwin

New Creation Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu-Owner

2017 Masters World Champ Brown-Gi and NoGi

2017 Masters World Champ-NoGi-Purple

2015 & 2016 NoGi Masters World Champion Blue Belt

Ken Gober

Discount Code: Gober


NAGA Nashville-Brown 1st 

IBJJF Atlanta-Purple 1st


Fuji Nashville-Purple 2nd 

IBJJF Atlanta-Winter-Purple-2nd

IBJJF Atlanta-Spring 2nd Place

IBJJF-Nashville Summer-Purple-1st

Nashville Grappling Games-Purple 1st

NAGA Nashville-Purple 1st

John Perales

Discount Code: Big Kitty

Academy: Gilroy BJJ

Erik Johnson

Discount Code: Johnson

2019 NY Open lightweight Champion

2018 Boston Open Featherweight Champion 

2017 Pan am Nogi Champion  F2W Record 1-1 Good Fight Nogi World Champion Radius Invitational Veteran SOGI Invitational Veteran World Championship Grappling Veteran IBJJF Referee